French Steve

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Shifting those glitches with a flim flam shaped beat repeater and a selection of beach pebbles. An advocate of dirty loops and guitars and as diverse in sound as a curry shop spice rack.

Mikey O’Crikey

SEA’s MC & sprirtualist. Has been known to gibber into microphones for upwards of several hours.

10 Rabbit

Munching his way through organically grown gurgles, bleepsĀ and fresco beats. Doesn’t like the cage, likes to run around!

Oi Mush

“Flaps, fear, and especially the fear of flaps. Unfortunately I don’t fear flaps, but if I did, my music would be a lot more flappy.”

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SEA’s resident VJ

The 55th Flotilla

Nautical gabba seamen.

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Free tunes and mixsets on their blog